Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Guest Blogging Experiment

life at OSU has been fun and experimental. She is a freshman at one of the best college in Ohio. She has had some fun times and has had some times that she does not want to ever remember that had happen in her life her at OSU. The times she had that was fun was, like when she would attend the home Basketball games love to cheer on the boys. She also love all the free time that she has. She don’t have to worry about getting told what to do. Meeting allthese new people and making lifelong friends too has also had been fun to her.

The time that she do not want to remember were when she was put on Academic warning. This is because she did not take charge of her life as a college student and she took average of all the free time that she had on her hands did basically did not study at all. Now she see that there is a different from high school and college. High you had people tell you what to do now that you get in college you have to tell yourself that you need to get things together for yourself. She is a freshman at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY NEWARK. This college is so much different from the main campus because it’s much smaller than the main. The classes here are smaller. Meeting different people from all over has been by far the most fun and experimental thing that she has experienced yet. GO BUCKS!!!!!


  1. Im going to have to go with Dorothy on this one...I can tell by the way she writes lol