Friday, February 20, 2009

A Response

This week, I will be responding to Britteny's blog.

In her blog, she talks about how she hasn't been stressed with school, but rather with life in general. Her car is always breaking down and she has to pay for it. She is working hard, and doesn't mind it, until she is always paying to fix her car. She remains optimistic about the future, but knows she is in the real world now.

The moment you come out of high school and begin college, you're in the real world. You have many more responsibilities and are more independent. I have also had car troubles. I slid off the road in November and had to replace two old tires in January. I'm not too stressed about school either. I might be finding myself low on cash soon. It can be tough working a minimun wage summer job.

Making the transition to the real world can be difficult. I hope things get better for you soon Brittney.


  1. cars are always brake down in the most opportune moments. I sometimes wish i dint have a car so i dint have to pay for all the money and time i have to put into it.

  2. ugh. sad part of living on your own. having to pay for things by yourself. =/ definitely agree with her post also.

  3. I can relate with what was said in this post. I have had car troubles too, from the tire going flat, to the alternator and battery going bad. The real world can be difficult.

  4. College is tough, having a minimum wage job is tough, and having a car that is unreliable is worse. The only thing you can really do is TOUGH it out and remain positive.